Forest Life

Project 38_4

And when I look into the trees in the afternoons and
see the long shadows
separating between the longer branches, I know
the animals are changing shifts.

The night prowlers awaken and think about what they can see
crawling along the ground in the dark.
They remember some of the better hiding places from last night’s
bitter hunt.

Those that need to eat by daylight look for a quiet sleeping spot.
Imagine if you needed to burp and snore all night. You would
not want someone tripping over you and waking you up.

You would think it might change, that there would be safe, cheap hotels
by now in the animal kingdom,
and drive-throughs when one is desperate for a bite and the fur is wet
from summer-night rains.

My forest neighbors have learned nothing from me about survival,
but keep hiding and doing their thing away from human beings,
as if we were going to cause them a problem.

I would like to get to know them better, but they are so unfriendly.
Even a gentle hello in the mid-morning makes them run and hide.
Am I that bad?
For years they’ve been near by and I know not one of them on a
first-name basis.
It’s a shame what this world has become.
If only I could join them in their wild forest life.

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3 Responses to Forest Life

  1. My wife and I keep together a cat and dog sanctuary out here in the foothills of the Sierra Madre, Philippines. The wildlife here is different than in temperate continental lands. My wife and I often talk about the state of the world. The poem speaks to us on many levels. Thanks Tom.

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    • Tom says:

      Hi Rafael!
      You must live in a beautiful spot. I’ve worked over the years with many people from the Philippines who spoke fondly of the motherland. I’m in the Santa Cruz Mountains, near the ocean, below San Francisco some 80 miles. We do have a lot of wild life here, but it continues to be edged out by growing civilization. Thank you for reading and commenting! Love your blog site!

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