Maybe let’s just agree
that we know nothing
about ourselves,
about how life is
continually created.

I will be the boy
I knew when young.
You can be the one who brings
me up to date.

Whatever oddity pops up this year,
remind me of how we might
live ourselves around it.

Let our question marks
spring from the back of each
spoken sentence,
with nothing forwarding us
into misery.

Let us make what is passing
into such pleasant space that nothing,
nothing at all,
is worth keeping.

My old riches have kept me
from listening,
from following.
I am giving them away
so that I will
not be lacking,
not be crying!

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2 Responses to Agreement

  1. This is one of those poems that my wife and I love to read over together. It’s that beautiful. Thanks, Tom!

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  2. Tom says:

    Thank you, Rafael!


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