Music Concert


There are no other ears about me to listen to the song.
And why sing if no one is listening?
Feeling the gentle vibrations carrying through my heart
is surely not enough.
I might give myself a few thumps on the chest,
and find that rhythm, without taxing my
vocal cords to look for the resonance.
I might plug myself into a machine
that hums incessantly at me,
so the bliss that comes from making music
happens to me automatically.
What if I hear another’s song, but no one is near to me?
A radio without controls, filling the empty shape
inside of me that I have considered each morning.
How can it go on and off at the appropriate times
without disturbing my own inner silence?
Only just now has this puzzle with no firm answer
come over me.
Your invisible tongue, my lifted ears and swelling chest–
a sold-out concert.

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