Background Intelligence


In my background, the intelligence
that I am aware of is your foreground.
It must work the same way for you,
watching me squirm to figure out who is watching me.
Why do I feel watched over with loving kindness,
when all along it is you, posing as me?
Don’t you have a place to rest your head?
What a relief to know that we share the same interests,
that my protection rests in how it is that you have
always been here watching me.
Even at what seemed like the beginning,
I now know there was no beginning.
When I realize what you’ve been doing, watching me,
I understand it is not me, but you, doing the realizing.
We could go around on this one,
but that would be only my deceitful
and temporary mind doing the going-around.
When my mind is emptied of thoughts
I have no mind. Then I have only my background, which is you,
which becomes my foreground.
This will go on for a very long time.
I think, forever.

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2 Responses to Background Intelligence

  1. smilecalm says:

    grateful for
    gentle caring’s
    presence 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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