Extended Power


Seldom any cloud I notice will change its path for me.
None ever go out of their way to please me.
I still love watching those swollen with rain.
My freedom comes from letting rain fall without my decision or influence.
When the earth is wet I experience such power.
Hardly anyone notices.
My soul extends to the furthest empty corners of our universe.
Sometimes I wish that it would not.
Blending two limitless powers is difficult.
A clear sky helps me understand my powers.
It is my non-will making the blue spread far.
My soul thinks itself to be mixed up with the rule of an infinite land.
I know this is not so.
I have argued the idea over friendly campfires.
We see the stars sit low in the dark. They intend to slip into an unseen sun.
I let them do that when it is wise.
They go with a rhythm that defies me, sinking under the will of another.
I have been fooled in so many ways with limits, fences, ideas–
all alienating gibberish that weakens me when I listen.
What must it be like to be a king?
All the decrees may come from another world.

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