How I Saw It


We always think of ourselves as being far away from one another.
At least, that is how I once saw it.
I laugh when I think of how it was when we first met.
Even though I keep running, I never get far away from the first day.
That is where you first grabbed and held on to me with a grip from which I have not been able to wrestle free.
There was that corner, remember?
We bumped into each other while passing in different directions.
I pretended that you were not looking through me.
I turned away once, then quickly back, just to see.
Sure enough. You were there, watching me, in a way that appeared as if you were not watching me at all,
but perhaps somebody else just behind me.
I stood in the line of vision, blocking your infinite gaze.
But that’s not really it at all.
All your focus really was here, on me, and I had made up my mind, early on, to keep moving, keep avoiding your presence.
Maybe we should come back to that corner.
It’s not that far away. We could try this again.
I would be more attentive.
You could tell me the same things all over again.
This time I would listen, which might save me from all of this running that has made me sad and tired.

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2 Responses to How I Saw It

  1. This poem deeply resonates with me. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you well


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