Leap Day


This is a leap day. A day that some of the casual calendars I consider say does not exist.
I say it does. It has a morning to it that I enjoy, a time to eat a lunch of microwaved leftovers
from a day that did exist before midnight began this phantom day.
This particular 366th day hiding out in the end of winter is hardly different from all the other days.
The other days contain as much mystery,
plus they repeat the sense of what is behind and in front of the other nearby days.
January 00 or December 32 would be convenient for renumbering.
The leap could still dance in winter and we could still tiptoe under the clouds.
I see cloudy weather will spend this afternoon here with me.
My cousins in eastern Oregon are also probably wondering about this day,
and about me, but doing it under a fine layer of pre-March snow.
We will have so many days ahead when we need only pay attention to
snow and bare trees, cool sun, arising spring, love, and love of flowers.
All of this could be noticed today if we truly wanted our life like that.
The calendar fix has fooled us into thinking this day is filled with impossibilities.

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