Garden Entrance

The swinging gate into this shiny new garden
is chicken-wired with hexagonal holes
in the fencing. Today’s summery heat
invites green beans forth from dirt tombs.
There will be a need for trellising
soon enough, as bean climbing
and bee buzzing celebrate my effort.

Cool umbrella shades the beds
furthest from the long sun arrows,
where I rest in a plastic chair
and drop more tiny, stoney-looking lives
into ruled furrows of soil.

Some words come into me through another
gate, to visit, when I enter the garden
with the intention of doing
anything worthwhile. If I enter with
no intent the words turn back
into something resembling
dreams melted into flowering puddles.

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2 Responses to Garden Entrance

  1. jurnul says:

    Thank you, Reenie!


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