I might have finally killed him,
this man living close by me
all my life who pretends
to know me so well.

When I look at his long body
sinisterly mixed with my own, I
detect that we are really just one,
but I must axe myself from him.

Our friendship was one-way
parroting–me in the cage–
forced to listen to his
incessant accusing chatter.

His voice was always killing
my ears. His thoughts were
too poisonous and needed
to be placed in my graveyard.

The gruesome corpse–no
one will discover it, but I will
know of it forever. It hangs
close by me, but is rotting.

I hope that one sunrise will
find it cured to dry sweet bone,
so that I can be the real me
rather than this creature’s voice.

No crime report to file with
the local authorities, just a
luxury of freedom from the haunting,
harping spirit of condemnation.

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