Down Time

My screen went blank on me.
I don’t think the richest man
in the world could help me.
He probably would not
know what to do anyhow.

My one pinpoint of light
faded and left me behind. All
of my little universe is
now dark matter.
In time, or out of time,

my miniscule problem,
my tiny system out of order,
will seem even more
insignificant. The day
will come all the light

on earth will appear tiny to me.
I believe everything I’m doing here
is not forgotten, can be restored.
I seem now to be stranded,
but the universe is full of powerful
algorithms that can effect me.

Einstein’s neighbors never knew each other,
but came close enough to recognize
a smile. That is the way it will
be with me–a loving bond
with letters and numbers,
energetic integers,
floating in the star stream.

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