What Next?

what to do when you turn 62
and social security kicks in

you pick a quiet place by the lake
and let the poetry begin

you write about the things that ease
and when that’s gone you write some more

i have thought a little on this
there are pains and hurts
all kinds of stuff

comes sweeping in,
looking for words

the task is much harder,
harder than you might have worked before

but younger minds still being scrubbed
may heed you and take to heart–

how this is dealt with, then there’s that–
sometimes it’s a simple howl

the rhyme is awfully nice to have
it makes the thoughts somehow straight

there are kites and christmas and olden views
of what the life looked like before

there are jellybeans and laughs and in some
cases piano lessons at the age of five,
when liberace wore those tails, still alive

and old roads that are paved over now
fruit-filled valleys now housing tracts

there are tales of murders, of love gone terribly bad
poets and singers whose words you know

that lived nearly forever inside, and guide you
when times look dark–wars, drought and quakes

and yet somehow you figured it all out
at least enough to be alive

graves and colorful services you lived through
another day to tell–of churches, schools and

mean old teachers who meant to teach you well–
i could list another hundred things that would
open in your mind, if you took the time to

write them down, so others could have a look.
writing is a wonderful thing,
didn’t they teach that to you in school?

my life so full of little things
it would take another life to write them down

you have only one, and some pieces are important,
so just get busy with your tablet and send it
off to loved ones–or even people you hate

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