Passing the Castle

i pass the castle on top of the hill
whenever i go through big sur country
there is a eucalyptus grove i know
where beige peeling bark and day-long shadow

give me respite from the windy coastal drive
a quick trip to the edge of ocean sand
mid-afternoon breezes blowing leaves
the castle funded selling newspapers

an apparent king living eagle-like
with slow deep views of humanity down
below. the concrete imagination
of his designer, lifting liquid stone

and hollywood came this way to worship
fashioned people sporting royal invite
legends dressed in glitter arrive from far
all now but forgotten, one man’s childhood

musings working the pleasure of the crowd
romantic pomposity for the world
stories sail around the hill-top castle
though now state-owned and toured with talking guide

a castle in the sky most will not know
but drive by and ponder from afar
or pay the tour guide so that you may go
i’ve been more than once–it’s too much to want

i settle most easily where not much
is required of me, seek inspiration
letting my eyes run up and down the hills
regarding no place home for very long

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