Winter End

A week ahead of winter temperatures in the 80s. I think more beach time with my books and suntan oil. How can California keep this up with no rain in sight and all our lakes dry? Texans I met last summer told me they are about to start taking their showers from bottled water purchased from the grocery store. I suppose it is important to know how and where to get the minimum supply when there is none in sight. I can see WalMart trucks distributing our drinking supply across the country rather than having it come out of lakes and reservoirs as we have always been used to seeing.

I have been working with the computers around this house lately, ever since the wireless or wifi network crashed more than a week ago. What a mess trying to understand how it all works. I am the one who originally set it up, but then that was so long ago that I forgot what I had done. Maybe it was good exercise for me to have to go through all of this one more time. I was working on cleaning up my tool shed to make it more of a writing and painting studio when all this computer mess came about, so I experienced some anxiety in having to drop one project to pick up another.

I learned, however, a few things about networking computers together. I am now able to make the computer down below in the studio talk to the main one up here in the house. The trick was to have both of them piggy back off wifi signals from the neighbor lady’s wireless router, using wifi extender boxes, which are little plastic boxes I plug in the wall that have rabbit-ear antennae on them. The boxes extend the range of the wifi signals so that my computers both can communicate through the wifi router next door.

Now what gets written or painted up above on the main computer can be seen and further embellished in the down-below computer. I was worried about this and lost a night’s sleep–well, it was a full moon after all and I was up and down half the night jotting down bits of poetry–but am now so relieved to know that I can move back and forth between the two locations.

The lower location, the new studio, is just a more spacious workplace, and quieter. There I can listen to music, or make things real quiet while I concentrate on writing. And can store little things like paper clips and various little computer hardware gadgets without them being too severely kicked around, disturbed, and lost. Only, with writing poetry, I prefer just using a tablet and paper and rather like being outdoors to write it, but still it is nice to have a place to come back to where all my words can be keyed into the bigger system that we all share.

And so this day perhaps I will make a run up the coast and look at the green hills of spring before they go brown again, or find a refuge along the coast from March winds and read some more from Wordsworth, whose epic poem “Prelude” I have been studying, which is supposedly the ultimate statement coming from the era of the romantic poets.

I would have written a poem or two today, but the theme of one has completely buried itself inside of me, and none of the muses have come up for air, let alone encouraged my imagination, so I suppose this flimsy journal entry must do instead.

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