My Soul Needed

my soul needed a new body
the one i had been using long
had worn thin and out and really
it got tired of dragging along

i checked with a body clinic
i knew this stuff was fairly new
i brought in medical records
to prove to them that i was who

i said i was. if the transplant
went somehow wrong i could trade my
old one back provided it fit
and my old soul didn’t like it.

they sized me up, and took measures
from toes to tummy and above
and asked me if my old body
might be missed by someone in love.

i thought about those close by me
the ones who had to look and see
the way my crooked bones stuck out
the way my eyelids hid in gray

and how my middle sagged a little
and bare spots shined upon my head
while noisy knees and elbows creaked
often i’d talk of being dead

those who might miss my old body
had since long gone along themselves
before the transplant-fix business
had gotten off the ground and sales

had gone ballistic, as they say,
in this new time of such sales talk
my old friends, had they lived longer
would see me clothed in latest stock

when i learned my old soul must go
along with this trade for the new
i wondered if i’d lose my song
my god, my love, all that i knew

that was not for sale in offices
like this in hong kong or london
how would i get it back if gone
unless i could save it from them

so i gave up the thoughts of this
not sure if i could use all new
and set about to write this poem
to ask what you think i should do.

there seems to be a world amiss
all around me the change is made
what i say, what i feel somehow
the others think i am insane

i go back to what i knew then
when i was just a little boy
to think of birds and trees and such
when i first learned the world of joy

and somehow even way back then
death seemed a natural part of life
i accepted but did not know
what each moment then would be like

as i moved forward in this world
and grew and would become a man
and saw that others would grow old
but still could keep a friendly grin

maybe others who have not switched
can go back and get what they’ve lost
keep it hidden within themselves
and use it well when in distress

i’m keeping mine, at least for now
until time comes to let it go
all together, body and soul,
lifted up to a higher goal.

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