Dog & Boy

i know a boy who lives close by,
so close i see him every day.
he is always quiet, even
when other boys come out to play.

the boy here, i will call him me
because i do not know his name
runs with a dog about the town
and seldom speaks with anyone.

the dog drags him with leather leash
and strapped they go as though were one.
the boy seems always lost in thoughts
as though the dog pulls them along.

i’m not convinced that dogs can think,
in fact i’ve never heard of it.
i saw a dog, a full terrier,
just stare at books and never quit.

a collie used to show in public,
and would help a boy in trouble.
i’d watch with my belief suspended
and wonder if inside people

ran dogs with buttons remotely.
that dogs lead and people follow
never seemed to make much sense
but when i watch the neighbor go

i see there are two kinds of me,
one that knows but only listens
one that pulls but knows not where,
and i can choose which one to chasten.

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