Come To Sea

i come to the sea
this fine sunny day
to watch the waves roll in,
it can’t be the month of may

i hear the seagulls pleading.
the air is clear and
clouds rolled back
and for me nothing is needing

but there’s a longing in me
to swim with dolphins jumping,
beyond the fringe of white water
that on this shore is creeping.

sailboats on the horizon line
stand mast against the wind
while sailors leaning out see me
and know that land is fine

when squalls come up too strong
for sail and swells stack on the sky line
it’s best to come and find a port
where angry seas can’t come in.

i will return another day
when wind is stopped and calm
to sit in laid-back beach chair
and feel the warmth of sunny balm

when all the clouds that haunt the sky
have puffed into the place of nowhere
a thousand miles from earth they blow
i watch them leave without a care.

the picnics and umbrella stands
bedeck the beach in brightened glory
and children scream and chase the tide–
such the long-time old sea story.

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