New Year

A new year has begun. The old one ended early for me as the wife and I went to bed early after going out for Mexican food in a local restaurant. I was tired enough to not want to participate in the long and drawn-out countdown for the new year. Outside the temperatures last night dropped to below freezing, so it felt good to be indoors, where I could remain warm and safe from all the party revelers.

I had been thinking for several days of starting some sort of a new writing project. Last night I awoke with some vague sense of beginning right away to pick up where I had left off a few months ago. I could think of a million new angles on what I might say and how I might say it. Those ideas will continue to spin in my mind for days to come, perhaps years.

If I were to write down the ideas I would never actually get to the point of producing anything. I look back at notes and see that my ideas center around the notion of having two minds, a left and right, that differ widely, but must be connected and working together all the time to keep me functioning and completely embodied. A couple of books I have been reading “Master and His Emissary”, by Iain McGilchrist, and Julian Jaynes’ classic book “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind”.

Seeing and experiencing life is what my right brain is meant to do. My left brain is good at organizing and categorizing my perceptions and re-presenting them in a more abstract form than the manner in which the impressions first came to me. Left-brain thinking rules our modern world, but the quest for dominance began at the beginning of European history. Poets, artists, and others with the urge to create or to open to their intuitive side, must engage in struggle with left brains.

I would say more, but on this first day of the year I seem to be talking only to myself. Saying and writing are actions dominated by the left brain. I would like today to just step outside and view the world about me with little or no judgment or opinion.

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