Big Sur Sunset

The fog season is upon us here on the coast. I go to bed in fog and wake up in fog, and usually sometime a little before noon the gray will burn off for five or six hours before rolling back in. What with all the talk of global weather chaos, I’m glad this corner of the world continues to do what it remembers best.

I have been awake earlier than usual a couple of days this past week, trying to get the feel for painting with a Wacom Intuos graphics tablet and accompanying software package, Corel Painter X3. Hardware and software together are meant to emulate the look and feel that one might gather from working in a real-world environment, rather than with a desktop computer.

I have been looking through several thousand digital photographs I’ve taken over the past 10 or more years to see what might be interesting subject matter to experiment with these new digital painting tools. Pondering over these images stirs up my memory of the places I have been. I must have subconsciously planned on painting some of this scenery one day. This sunset in Big Sur, an hour drive to the south of me, has been waiting quietly on my hard disk for a chance to breathe some fire.

I painted three different versions of the same scene with different brushes in Painter X3. One version is with an acrylic dry brush, another is with a wet soft acrylic brush that is smoothed out with a wet oily blender, and the third version is with a wet gouache round brush.

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