New Paint Studio

Just not a lot of posting here lately. I’ve been busy outdoors with paid helpers, cleaning up a junky half an acre, and trying to get the upper hand on this piece of property that is difficult to maintain because some of it is steep hillside, and the rest of it is subject to gopher and deer invasion.

I am working toward creating a digital and analog painting studio, where I can do some different kinds of art work, a mixture of digital painting and painting with real live paint on canvas. The studio is a hundred feet or so from my house and I struggled the last couple of days with networking computers together wirelessly so I don’t have to carry thumb drives or hard drives between the two locations. The work requires that I have internet connections between the house and studio and the files get synchronized so that…oh, never mind  the techie stuff…nothing but a big MicroSoft networking headache…

I hope that one day soon I will be able to post some of my latest art work over on my website, but first must get this studio put together. Whew! Life was so much easier when we didn’t have computers, but there is some fun and challenge in trying to keep up with it all. This cuckoo transition may not turn out as I expect.

I bought a new Wacom graphics tablet and some nice high-end software that simulates natural painting, and am eager to paint. I have ambitions to do several catalogs or galleries of my paintings, some of which may become commercially available, which is why I am slowly moving away from Journalscape and joining forces with WordPress, which has also become another techie headache.

The birds here still sing and the roses continue to bloom.

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