Birthday Girl

A daughter’s birthday today. When she was born there was so no such holiday in the public mind as Cinco de Mayo, the new holiday now celebrated widely in California. We will take her out to dinner this evening at her favorite local place and maybe have a piece of cake when we come home.

The journaling spirit still hovers over me, even though my keyboard has been quite empty of letter-tapping as of late. Digital painting and photography have taken a bit of a grip on me. I suppose it is because of my recent travels around the state and seeing the brilliant colors coming to this corner of the earth.

Last year at this time I had a major building project going on at my house, the building of a second smaller house for this birthday girl. I had to give up my dedicated work space for the new building to be constructed, but am now moving my writing space into a small but comfortable building on the property.

I don’t even recall what is in all the boxes I packed up when I moved out of the other place more than a year ago. I know I was working on a novel, dictating it with Dragon Naturally Speaking software, and was about half way through a first draft. The move out of my space just stopped the flow of the novel, and I’m not so sure the rest of it will ever get done. But then, who is able to sell a novel any more anyway?

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