Whacking and Plucking

I have hardly been able to keep up with the wild growth of vegetation nearby my house. It begs for much attention. Last year we were busy remodeling a building on the property, causing the maintenance of the wilder areas to grow out of control. A friend of the family has been helping by bringing his labor and understanding of gardening and landscaping to our rescue. Perhaps within a few weeks of whacking and plucking, wheelbarrowing and snipping, the homestead will once again look civilized. I can now partly understand the beauty and dignity of city living.

A few days ago we had rain of such shocking proportions that local citizens are still discussing how gutters swelled and dry creek beds saw new life come back to them. This extra water supply has fueled my weeds and brush enough that I’m sure the property will need another haircut within a month. The extra spurt of wild growth is inspiring to see. Even the quail have come out of hiding in the brush in the early afternoons and herded themselves past my front door to go bug hunting in last year’s meager vegetable garden.

Flowers pop up now almost anywhere that I might allow. The vases in the house are filled with roses. Even the banana tree that I thought had died now has new leaves that are six feet long. I don’t think the days can become any better than this.

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