The coast here in Santa Cruz has been producing a fog the last couple of days, giving me hope that our weather system is not broken. What is lining up to look like a very dry year for California makes me wonder how fifty million of us will drink and bathe. The local water districts are already talking rationing. I’m not big on wasting lots of water anyhow, so I think, probably as many of my neighbors do, that I can continue my normal usage and not be a burden on the resources.

I notice much greenery about me for being such a dry winter and spring. I can understand how trees with deep roots can safely pass through a year of no rain. It’s the tall green grasses that I wonder about, since they have not received a drink in months.

I tend to want to look for hidden reasons behind the phenomena in nature when events seem out of the ordinary. Either divine intervention, as in God trying to tell us something, or some terrible mistake that mankind, in all of his clueless cleverness, has brought upon himself. The debate over whether hidden reasons exist will continue. I’ve heard the arguments all my life. This year we’re having a drought because (insert favorite rant here) and next year we will be swamped with rain because (insert the opposite rant here).

I would love to do something about the weather. I’ve been checking in with some of my favorite thinkers lately, however, and have been advised that weather control is beyond my capability and that I should therefore give it no concern. Seems like pretty solid advice. Actually, I would like a list of all the things with which I concern myself, the things I cannot influence or control, so that I might remove them from my thoughts and worries. Then maybe I could put some of that newly garnered energy into more worthwhile or lofty thoughts.

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