New Favorites

More strong wind today. It had let up, reserved its strength, and came today with new energy. Several days this past week I’ve been able to go sit on the beach and enjoy sun that is warmer than during summer. Extensive fog banks have not yet appeared on the north edge of the bay, which normally signals the beginning of the cycle of upwelling of colder water. Some wild swings each year in how I am treated by the weather helps me understand my own disposition a little better.

A lot of freshness to creation these days. Each day for the last few weeks I have seen new bugs, strange birds, and trees budding that I thought had died in the winter frost. I have held off on writing much of anything. I suppose I have been listening to my writing voice and mind to hear what it might say to me, other than accusing me of being lazy.

With this continued building project going on beside my house, the trucking away of old and rotten lumber and the bringing in of new has somehow disturbed or rattled the thoughts that I rely upon as fuel for this journal.

Even my reading pattern has been disrupted lately. Others tell me that I read too much and that I am missing out on life. It’s a valid argument. Some books I feel absolutely compelled to read, while for others it’s more like a sacred duty or obligation. I normally stick to my few favorites, those I’ve sifted out as speaking to my understanding of life, and those that inspire my mind to become productive when it veers into states of lethargy. That system of reading has worked pretty well for me for quite some time.

My favorites, the books I read continuously without ever intending to finish them, need some updating, however. A few could perhaps be tossed, just because I no longer seem to be learning anything from them. I should look around for a few new books to add to my list of favorites.

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