Longer Piece

Writing a longer piece, taking longer to organize and develop my thoughts. It may come together in another couple of days. I prefer to read the journal entries of others, as well as my own, in a range of 400 to 600 words. Sometimes when I give my thoughts a bit of time to gel they want to grow exponentially.

I find so many things to write about, and find a joy in developing simple thoughts that I believe important to me. When I stretch for greater length, I find the writing process becomes more complex. Above a few hundred words, structure and forethought become more important when trying to sustain flow and interest.

Longer pieces lose spontaneity. Initial and quick on-rushing thoughts get lost in the effort. Longer journal entries can be such a mistake. It’s easy to say too much. I suppose that is one of the great risks of keeping a journal.

I encountered enough subject matter in these last few days for several journal entries, but elected to mull longer over one. At what point do I say to myself that I can develop the theme no longer, pull the trigger, and publish?

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