Clock Change

I see that strong wind on the bay has subsided, perhaps blew itself out, as sailors like to say. In the early afternoon I parked myself on a sea log that rolled up high on to the sand and watched the waves roll in. It’s such a simple pleasure. I wonder if I will ever grow tired of it? This morning I awoke with the idea of writing a song to play on my ukulele, so worked out the lyrics for a tune that matches the harmony of a traditional folk song. The warm morning sun made me think today is the real first day of spring, with no frosty leftover from a night of cold. It felt good being out in the morning light, trying out this new tune.

Another song sort of found a place within me as I sat on the log, but I’m afraid I have already forgotten it. I should bring my pocket recorder with me in case another song comes. I have no experience in dreaming up lyrics and matching them to a rhythm. Strumming the ukulele for several weeks must have awoken something inside of me. I suspected so when I first began to play, as I could feel an energy building, looking for expression and release. I wonder, maybe I should have studied music much earlier in life. My own stubborn refusal to be more disciplined always spoke first. Maybe this change in attitude has come over me because I have so much more free time than ever before and now feel the need to fill part of it with some lofty purpose.

The rules guiding my life since leaving the work world behind tell me it’s okay to have fun while learning something new. I haven’t felt such instinct for years. Well, perhaps this special day that looks to be the first of spring is also responsible for stirring me up inside. I can move the clocks either way tonight, make a dreadful mistake and send them the wrong way, and wake up tomorrow still blanketed in reasonable happiness. When my life was so ordered by the clock, hour switching seemed so sacred and important. Now I hardly care. I heard somebody say I will have more daylight tomorrow, but I really think it’s all about the same as yesterday. The nervous tick of the world need no longer be part of my daily workings.

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