Road of Death

My sister passes on this story to me from a friend of hers who is a native of Bolivia:

“Hi J., I went back to Bolivia when I was 5 for a year. Lived in “Los Yungas” which means jungles down below sea level (tropical) in the middle of the Andes mountains but getting closer to the Amazon. Had to travel as a kid on the “most dangerous road in the world” just to get down to the mines. It was a two wheel road dirt road that went from the freezing snow at 16,000 feet down to below sea level which was built by the prisoners at the time – they just shoveled out a road. Super scary.

“The sides of the mountains go down thousands of feet straight down to the “Poka Ponka”River which flows turbulently all the time with cars and trucks at its banks from those who did not make the trip. That road has land slides all the time and we had to escape in the middle of the night from our home in Chojila (mining town) with our PJ’s on because there was a coup and they were off to kill all the Americans who were working and had businesses in the area. Many died.

“We left in a monsoon horizontal rain – could not see anything in our jeep and got caught in between about 6 different landslides that the miners and Indians had to dig us out of so we could escape. There was only room for one car barely on this road. More to tell but on that – will save for when I see you.

“The next time I was 16. Went there for a year to go to school while my Dad was working the mines. We lived next door to the President and all the other homes were Ambassadors homes on the street. We were all guarded by armed soldiers. There was a coup then too. The President took off in his helicopter and they blew it up just a block from us with him in it – crashed into the river. Shooting in the streets, had to escape that time too. Too much excitement in Bolivia.

“The next time I visited is when I was a flight attendant. The airport is 12 – 13K feet up and you have to go down to a few towns lower 4K feet down from La Paz if you are used to sea level. I didn’t have time, so stayed in La Paz and got altitude sickness, almost died. Nope, I don’t think I am going back there any time soon. Got relatives there still, but I think its a hell hole. So much corruption over there its ridiculous. We have corruption here too, but it is white collar corruption that is well disguised and protected by the CIA, Home Land Security and other agencies. I know what it is like to be in civil unrest and I don’t
especially want to go thru that here, but if I do, I know how to make the great escape and we are prepared. We have known about a lot of what is going on probably since the 70’s but the fine tuning of their corruption is now becoming so open and revealing and yet everyone’s eyes are closed. you just want to scream “Wake UP!” but no matter how loud you yell or how much copious information and facts you supply, the minds remain closed and not open to any contrary info to the status quo.

“It will be an interesting journey coming up. Stay in touch!! We will have to compare notes. Take care,

“Check out the Bolivia road:
(on the second video, whoever made it put in a few seconds of China’s road that I would much have preferred to travel on as it is out of rock and is covered and tunneled. No, not so is the one in Bolivia. Totally mud, slimey mud and tropical so it is always mushy.”

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