Kauai Return

Gone for what seems so long to the Hawaiian island of Kauai to be with my daughters for the Christmas season. I departed December 18th at a very early hour for a direct flight from San Jose, California to Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii, and returned home to Santa Cruz County on January 9th at midnight. In the next few days I hope to collect some of my thoughts and memories of the trip. My pocket camera managed to jam and break after the first couple of days on the island, so my eye had to feed and store images directly into my brain, rather than caching to flash card. And rain came riding in on the trade winds for longer than I would have liked, which sent me reading several Kindle books rather than processing otherwise fantastic beach scenery.

Gee, I’ve been gone long enough that it seems the whole world has changed in some slight way. I see that I must start a new database for year 2013 journal writing, and tuck away the old for future recollection. But for me the most dramatic change is the weather, which always seems to be a consideration for me, since it so profoundly effects how I feel. Changing from 80 degree to 40 or 50 degree averages just seems so cruel when all I want to do is settle in back home and resume my regular pattern of living. Perhaps in another day of getting acclimated to these cool mainland temperatures, as well as doing laundry, catching up on bill paying, snipping my toenails, and treating my sunburn, I will find what time I need to produce an account of my winter adventure…

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