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At last, some weather has arrived on the coast with enough strength that we can brag about it. Much rain, wind, heavy surf, flash flood advisories issued from NOAA. Between cloudbursts I might make my way down to the beach and photograph giant waves. The outlook for many this weekend will probably be one of indoor activities, but isn’t that to be expected this time of year? I enjoy when our wild wet nature is unleashed on civilization, when traffic and crowds must come to a crawl, as long as no one gets hurt. Cruising about the countryside in an automobile, despite the high price of gasoline, is such a soothing panacea for all my nervous ailments. Yet, everybody around me has discovered this same cure for modern anxiety, with the result being that we bring all our inner tensions onto the roadways and they then become an extension of our own stressed neural networks. A couple of days of slowing down for heavy weather has got to be good for our collective soul.

Once again reading commentary on Emerson’s essays. I pull this one volume off my shelf, The Spiritual Teachings of Ralph Waldo Emerson, ever so often, to refresh my mind with his key thoughts. I must have read this book six times by now. After muddling through Emerson’s writings for a couple of years and having difficulty understanding his language, I find that this modest volume gives a useful overview and insight into his best thoughts. Emerson’s system of thinking is so inspiring, and yet so challenging to understand, that I feel the need for a guide. I see that this book has been released for the Kindle, so of course I immediately hit the BUY button. Even if I don’t understand him as well as I’d like, I can carry his ideas with me.

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