Early Dinner

Thanksgiving week can have such chilly air, but this one has much warmth in California. Seattle weather, I understand, has not been quite so grand. I always have the difficulty of two Thanksgiving celebrations on the same day, one with my sister and her family while the other is with my brother-in-law’s family. My sister’s oldest son flew his little family down from Seattle, so we had an early Thanksgiving dinner with them yesterday, which frees up Thursday for the second dinner. My change in eating habits gives me a serious challenge this time of year, but my sister understands, is also trying to follow Dr. Fuhrman, and yesterday lentil soup and broccoli salad were part of the main fare. I hope I will do as well on Thursday, but I’m pretty sure the cook there sticks to the old-school formulas.

Passing through downtown Los Gatos yesterday afternoon, I couldn’t help but notice the Apple store on the main street and how busy it was. No single store among the mile of stores had anywhere near as many people as this one. I noticed the same phenomenon in Rancho Mirage a few weeks ago, a full Apple store when all others were empty or closed. I was an early adapter of Apple products many years ago, but switched over to the evil empire of MicroSoft, and never went back to Apple. Perhaps some new cult is arising that requires a meeting house? What is it these people are clinging to that they must all be huddled closely together in an establishment full of expensive merchandise and blue-shirted, babbling wizards, when the afternoon sun and the fall colors on the trees along the streets are so visually stunning?

Somehow I don’t feel like I’m missing anything as I drive quickly by. Maybe it is my own prejudice, derived from so many years as a technology worker, locked in a cubicle. What is wrong with me, in finding life to be more interesting than technology? My wife proposes that they are lost souls, looking for meaning and purpose. Perhaps the social media networking phenomenon has not delivered good on its promises?

Only a few miles from downtown Los Gatos we drove through some remnant of the countryside where I lived while going to college in the 1960s. I rented a cabin then on five acres on the creek, which came with two horses and a barn, for a whopping eighty dollars a month, including utilities. I imagine most Los Gatos citizens these days spend at least that much each month in the trendy cofee shops.

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