The Hunt

I am glad I do not have to go looking for work. I worked enough years that I don’t have to do that anymore. When I did have to go to work the process went something like this. I would first write my resume or update my existing one. At the top of my resume I would state my objective, that is, a brief description of my skills and abilities, as well as a description of the type of work that I was looking for. Then I would take my resume around to potential employers. Potential employers were those people or companies that I thought I might like to work for, or for those who I thought might find my talent of some use. Employers had a job description. They had already defined what kind of person they needed. That included the skills and abilities of that person, and described the kind of work that person would need to do in order to be in alignment with the operations of the company.

I don’t understand why we, the American people, don’t have a similar process in place for when we select a President to go to work for us in the Oval Office. Rather than these candidates telling us what we need, it seems to me that there should be this committee or human resources group, whatever they want to call themselves, that writes a job description for what it is that we, the people, want to see our leaders do for us. This committee would not be a part of the government. It wouldn’t have any partisanship. It would simply define the goals and the objectives of the position for which someone would be hired.

After I did find a company that I wanted to work for, or a company that wanted to talk to me a little more about my work history and my skills, someone within the company, usually the hiring manager, would call me up and have me come in for an interview. I would talk with him about what I could do for the company and he would tell me what the company would require of me. We would discuss whether or not we had found a good match. If so, the company would make me an offer and I would accept if I agreed with the terms of employment.

I think there are enough smart people in this country who know what America needs. I am quite sure that we could pull together a small committee of people who could put together a statement that spoke for all of us. I never had the opportunity to go tell a company that I would be able to do this thing for them or that thing for them. I would tell them what I could do and they would tell me what they needed done. That’s just the way it worked.

Sometimes when I went to work for a company, there was simply way too much work for one person to do. The solution was to hire more than one person, perhaps several. I don’t understand why we have to have one man running the whole show, taking all the hits and all the blame for all the country’s woes. We could certainly have more than one person sitting in the Oval Office.

I’ll work on the rest of the details later.

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