Platonic Healing

Email below from sister J., in which she copied and pasted an article somewhat related to Friedrich Schleiermacher, who I am currently reading. She is reading his Monologues and I am reading another writer’s book discussing his theology.

The source of her pasting is here:

The idea is that healing my body comes through healing my mind. The same idea that Emerson has about building your own Bible. State the things I believe in and meditate on them, changing them when my beliefs change, sort of perpetuating Bible…

Good Morning,

Remembering our love for Dad today and his love for us.

I was looking up Platonic divine healing and came across a website
with this speaking, thinking dialogue of healing. Healing the mind,
heals the body. Mary Baker Eddy believed in Plato’s Perenial Divine
Healing Truths.


Spiritual Healing Meditation Outline
Metaphysical-Religious Approach

In You I live and move and have my being.

You are Love, Goodness, Beauty, Justice, Truth, Wisdom, and Illumination.

You love me, act only out of Goodness, Wisdom, and Justice, are my
fondest desire, and illuminate me with Your Truth.

You desire to manifest through all things and to incarnate in all persons.

The life I live is Your Universal Life expressing through me.

You want me to have and give me all good: health, abundance, and realization.

You have given me freedom so I can learn to manifest Your divine qualities.

I have sometimes misused freedom out of ignorance of the Truth,
bringing suffering and lack upon myself.

But through your inspiration, I am overcoming my ignorance and
learning to realize Your Truth.

I have come from You into this realm of existence to learn to realize
my eternal oneness with You.

I realize Truth by conceiving, understanding , knowing for a
certainty, and pronouncing Truth, thereby bringing Truth into

I can manifest as much of Your divine nature as I can understand and realize.

I hold Your Truth in consciousness so it becomes a part of my
subconscious mind and manifests in the objective world.

My soul partakes of Your divine nature.

You manifest through me as I realize Your divine nature.

I gain as much of a realization of Your divine nature as I manifest,
transmit, and embody of Your divine qualities.

It is necessary that I activate Your flow through me in order to
manifest Your perfection in me.

I already possess all good in my Higher Identity of oneness with You.

Anything less than all good in my life is the manifestation of false
beliefs or ignorance of Your Truth.

I am working to gain a firm conviction within myself of the certainty
of Your continually giving me perfect health and abundance.

I repudiate all my false beliefs and I am working to overcome my
ignorance of Your Truth.

I do not believe that life must involve lack and suffering. I believe
that life involves all good received from You.

I do not believe I need to have anything wrong with me.

I do not believe I deserve to have anything wrong with me.

I do not believe that receiving all good from You is more than I deserve.

I do not believe that receiving all good from You is too good to be
true or too good to be believed.

I do not believe that you give me all good as a personal favor, but
because it is Your divine nature to give all good to all those who
have learned to realize Your Truth.

I do not believe that life is based entirely on physical effects; I
believe that life is primordially based on spiritual realities.

You must include in your spiritual healing meditation outline a clear
indication of what you believe about God, Reality, yourself, the cause
of lack and suffering, and personal beliefs which bear on this entire
field of development.
Do not make of this outline merely a series of concepts which you feel
to be “appropriately religious” or what you feel you should believe.

Include only those concepts which you honestly and earnestly hold to be true.

The concepts you include in this outline form the basis for your
practicing spiritual healing; they form the boundaries of what you
believe is possible in working for spiritual regeneration and

This outline is in some sense an explanation to yourself what you
believe and the implications of your beliefs.

You need to meditate to the point that you discover the specific
negative beliefs which manifest in negative ways.

You then repudiate these negative beliefs by affirming with conviction
that you do not NOW believe them.

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