What a powerful mass of sky lighting going on this morning, with a lacy scattering of fine elliptical balls of individual clouds packed closely together. I cannot imagine how to make one sky look so much different from one morning to the next. The phenomenon may not give the materialist point of view any further encouragement to believe in a divine life, but to those with an inner appreciation of larger operations going on beyond our visible universe, such a morning as this both confirms and thrills.

A call to a friend last evening with whom I have not spoken in many months. He and I had gone on a windsurfing trip in my motor home to Mexico ten years ago. On that trip, we had stopped at a gas station in southern Arizona to rest and wait to meet another motor home of windsurfing friends at the gas station, so that we could all go into Mexico together. When I called my friend last night he was at this same gas station, a thousand miles from me, driving between Texas and California, and was filling up his car with gas and thinking about me and our Mexico adventure right when I called him. When synchronicities like this happen to me, they seem so simple and uneventful, and yet so profound. I just make a note to myself when they occur that they are like sign posts on the life journey, showing us that we are at least somewhat in tune with the greater reality, or that the greater reality wants us to know we are being watched over with grace and kindness.

But the computer executive in the news this past week in Santa Cruz County seems to represent less interest in public concern and more interest in himself and lavish taste. The county is the smallest in the state and yet has the most state parks because of it’s attractive climate, geology, geography, plant life, and variety of scenery. Many who live here know how special it is and have hoped that developers would not ruin the natural beauty. The executive, on the other hand, has purchased a prominent 40-acre knoll outside town that overlooks the ocean, and there he plans to build his 9,000 square foot home, against all objections from community and environmentalists. He tells the community he has enough power and money to overcome all objections, and so he may very well get his way. I don’t know that I’ll ever buy any of his company’s stuff (rhymes with grapple), now that I know what human arrogance is behind their products. I should not single out one person because California is a center for greed, wealth, power, and narcissistic materialism. My dissatisaction makes me think I must be living in the wrong kingdom.

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