Verizon Wireless is offering me some sort of a deal on the new iPhone 4 and a two-year service contract to go along with it. The price of the phone and of the contract is stiff, but if I had some business need or imperative social need for the package I’m sure I could find a way to justify paying the price. The tag line for the phone email advertisement I received is “Don’t be part of the future. Rule over it”. One of my favorite topics in which to engage is this idea of how I feel a sense of loss of my identity when I try to comply with the race, any race, whether it be toward the future or even to the past. Fiddling with dazzling gizmos enables me to be a ruler? If the future is all about electronic gadgetry, and I don’t feel like being controlled by the stuff, nor paying for it, then my rulership principles would be for me to just leave it alone. But, why enter into argument with the foolish emptiness of advertising, unless I was trying to woo away others from this suspect future?

I suspect the future will have to do with learning how to live with less. I know that will be the trend for me, as I plan for retirement and living on more limited funds. And ultimately there is the future of death, which will rule over me big time, unless God would have differently. Not only all that to consider, but rulership implies so much responsibility. Well, it used to mean that. Modern rulers have managed to duck out on responsibility and accountability, and choose rather to run and hide behind empty platitudes. I can buy a cheap made-in-China flag too, and might even be able to establish a career just by finger-pointing at others and speaking in a language that causes others in the grand stand to come to their feet and shout, but would that be rulership or mass hysteria?

Certainly yakking on the phone has some value. I can think of a few recent important conversations, but none of those conversations required that I have a data plan. Rather, they required that I have a heart, a mind, and even a soul. As of yet I have received no advertising information on where to acquire these apparently important features for ruling the future, so am wondering when I will receive my introductory package, my unbelievable special offer, so that I might rule over those important phone conversations.

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