The little bit of rain we had yesterday gave way to a cold and cloudless evening of bright stars, punctuated with a half moon stalking the sky. It’s my view looking out at the world that often causes me to look within, to understand who or what is doing the looking. I feel the immense silence of the universe also quietly residing inside of me and sense a miracle that there is a me that is able to connect the two.

At dawn when I step out to view the first light of this day, the forest birds sing to me. They seem to want to break the silence of the night and bring this day to life. Some neighbors are already awake, have fired up their engines, and driven past my house in their pattern of engaging with this day. I work at home today, so am able to watch the flow of activity. Stars, moon, birds, then sun, constantly in play this late winter season. I know the procession so well, and yet never grow weary of observing.

The news continues talk of war, shows photos of torn-up cities in the mid east, and quotes people running for office who speak of hope and change while beating the drums of further tension and destruction. I feel more in alignment with distant fires on the edge of the galaxy than I do with those who govern me. I must remind myself that this will be a fine day for walking on the beach.

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