City Visit

A visit to San Francisco on Saturday with my sister to see Dr. Fuhrman, the nutritional specialist whose guidelines we now follow. We walked along the edge of the bay at Crissy Field, from the Yacht Club to Fort Mason, and back, stopping to watch sailboats out in number, zipping between us and Alcatraz, or under the Golden Gate Bridge. Crissy must have every jogger in the world. On such a warm and sunny day certainly many came out to pound the walk way. Young mothers push baby strollers, old men walk short-legged dogs, tourists snap photos of the bridge and bay, fishermen haul up crab nets–such a rich variety of human life here on the water edge.

A quick tail gate lunch of hummus, avocado, whole wheat tortilla, onion, mushroom, and bell pepper. We were late eating lunch so had to gobble it down quickly rather than chew carefully while studying the beauty of the bay, as we had originally intended. The walking had taken longer than expected and we had to get into the conference in the Palace of Fine Arts. It is a grand old-world style structure built in 1915 for the Pacific-Panama Exhibition, a sort of world fair, conducted to show the world how San Francisco had quickly bounced back after being destroyed by the great quake of 1906. We got inside just in time to meet with Dr. Fuhrman before he began his presentation. I told him how the misses and I had lost eighty pounds between the two of us in just a few months and that I had dumped my blood pressure medicine. He told me to “just keep going…”

We then listened to his three-hour presentation on nutrition as a method of solving many of America’s most severe health problems, including cancer, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and obesity. I’m already a committed believer and follower for eating a raw-food, plant-based diet for optimal health. I came only to learn more, and to see other aspirants. The revolutionary changes people want to see in America must begin at the food level. Many of our modern thinkers, guys like Wendell Berry, agree, because eating whole, unprocessed food changes our relationship with the earth and thus with each other. A lot of new writer voices and some familiar older ones echo Fuhrman’s message of urgency for changing how we eat. I recall thinking to myself this past weekend that maybe it is time for me to turn my writing focus in that direction.

My sister bought her Vitamix blender yesterday and is now happily making kale smoothies, with hopes of ridding herself of the statin drugs that she has been plagued with paying for and swallowing for several years. So many take it for granted that their older years will be spent sitting in hospital beds and doctors’ offices. Dr. Fuhrman says none of that is necessary if you eat his way. The medical establishment gives him little or no help, but seems to advocate that people continue eating the sad old way. There is so much more money in it for corporations. Why can’t they make money promoting health rather than sickness?

Dinner last night consisted of yam with skin, tomato, coconut milk, ginger, hot sauce, blended to the consistency of thick soup in the Vitamix, then heated on the stove top. My goodness, I never thought I could cook!

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