Pacific Grove Surf

Several days of mixed rain and wind, in which I drove south to Pacific Grove to photograph the heavy surf predicted to hit Point Pinos and the surroundings. What a perfect place to watch the sea in action! Not too many places on the Cental California coast where you can come close to waves and rocks, just park your car and take a walk, without having to go through a gate, a guard house, or ranger’s booth. You just drive up to one of the dirt pull-outs along the road, park, and if it’s a good day, enjoy the scenery.

I missed the largest waves of this storm we are still experiencing by a day. Yesterday, Sunday, when walking out and around the old cement ship, I saw a few waves that really shook the ship. I guess this old-time surfer is easily amused. I can sit on a bench on the pier and look down the barrels of these monster waves crashing directly in front of me and feel like I’m riding them!

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