Roof Test

My co-worker notes that on his way to work he sees frost on the roofs of many houses, but often no frost on the roofs of the garages connected to those houses. When a house is well insulated to hold the heat and you warm the house, the heat moves sideways into the garage. If the garage is not insulated the heat from the house keeps the frost off the roof at night. I would never have thought or even noticed this, if he had not told me how so many pay to warm the night.

I did notice the sunrise this morning, causing some large cloud masses that have drifted in from the north Pacific to become intensely bright red. Will it rain today? Tonight? This dry spell has been too good to us. The land requires that some storminess soon arrive. Enough warning time has been issued so that people might tarp their fire wood, plug their roof leaks, change their wiper blades, clear their gutters.

The men helping me remodel my house have hauled waste materials to the dump and put away tools. My new skylights have been checked for leaks and now await the real test. Living in an old house all these years, I’ve always felt that a rain storm is a test of my vulnerability. Now that much above me is new, maybe I can relax inside of a book while counting the number of drops that fall.

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