Circle of Friends

This wash of brilliant moon light that I see crossing the otherwise darkened sky keeps me from my dream state. I lay thinking of the night and what is in it. What is the purpose of the darkness when light seems so much nicer? I know, without dark I would not appreciate light. How silly just to have so much darkness everywhere, throughout the universe, only to remind me that light is nice. I guess that’s why I like moon light, to help me see some light in the vast dark.

The reading these days has been light for me because of my house being under remodel. Boxes of books I have tucked away in dark corners to keep them safe. But when I bring them out once again to read, the purpose will be to keep me safe; that is, keep my mind safe from being ruined by an impulsive culture.

I considered this morning how the books I read are a circle of friends, how the yearly cycle of the seasons is also a circle, and how the journal I keep often reflects the two circles. A perhaps unintentional theme, this concept of my journal being a “circle of friends”, a year of reading friends–those writers who speak most to me–combined with a year of my own journaling effort, makes this circle.


The heavy round moon this morning must have been my muse for these thoughts.

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